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Ways to keep your back posture healthy

Watch your position while sitting

Sit on chairs with back support, and use a lumbar roll to maintain the natural curve of your lower back. Make sure your seat is high so that your feet can be flat on the floor with your knees and hips level. The average American sits nine hours a day. Don’t sit any longer than an hour without waking up or moving!

Smart stand

Maintain the normal curves of the spine while standing. When you stand long, you should be able to draw a line down through your ear, shoulder, thigh and ankle. Wear good shoes and think about using a standing office mat if you stand a lot while at work, and be sure to take regular breaks from standing up.

Lift properly

Raise things with strong muscles in your legs. Get closer to the object, bend your knees and thighs, and maintain the natural curve of your lower back. Do not misrepresent when lifting or carrying things. Think about the tasks you do daily at work or home, and reduce lifting and carrying things. Moving vehicles and other strategies can help reduce back strain.

Exercise regularly

Individuals who exercise regularly will generally experience better health, lower back pain, and less stress. A good workout program should include an expansion element, a strengthening component, and an aerobic component. Keep your spine moving by stretching daily, and strengthening your heart and limbs several times a week.

Make sure to do cardiovascular exercises regularly three to five days a week. Choose activities you love such as walking, swimming, dancing or biking!